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December 2017

English Translation of “GMO-free“ Standard Helps Make Food Purity More Accessible to European Consumers

With the English translation of the “Ohne Gentechnik” Production and Certification Standard commissioned by the German association “Food without Genetic Engineering”, published in December 2017, Ottawa-based Larrass Translations had a self-serving wish fulfilled: to contribute to the freedom of choice for European consumers in matters of food purity.

The potential long-term added value for the Ottawa team is the impact on the North American market under the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). “We do not stand in the way of progress, whether in the use of computer-assisted translation tools or in the use of genetic engineering in the pharmaceutical sector,” says Michael Larrass, Ph.D, CEO of Larrass Translations.

“However, human beings as controllers of progress must not be impaired in their awareness. There is no telling as of which point the genetic scrambling of our food will start compromising the intelligence of our digestive system. It is an intelligence which, like human language, has been configured over thousands of years. Once the inner-body communication breaks down because of the unintelligibility of the messages, the ability of people to communicate will also be impaired. The Tower of Babel is more than just a biblical anecdote. We hope that CETA will pave the way for a European-style GMO-free food standard on our side of the Atlantic, so that the North-American consumer has a choice, too. Helping VLOG with its responsible task was a source of great satisfaction for us.”

November 2017

Unveiling of Lord Stanley Cup Monument – a proud moment for Larrass Translations

The unveiling of the Lord Stanley Cup Monument in Ottawa on October 28 was the last step in a collaboration between Larrass Translations and Stiff, from tender documents through specifications, press releases and texts on the monument itself, up to the invitation to the unveiling. Larrass Translations Inc. is proud to have been involved in the realization of this monument which commemorates an important event in Canadian history and is a witness to an ongoing national passion.